6/28~Sea Selfie

Before sharing sea animal photos (and VIDEOS!!)  I must give credit to my co-photographer, dive buddy and son, Taylor, in the featured photo above.  I was a bit challenged by the GoPro equipment at the start but Taylor was able to get the ball rolling and teach me the ins and outs of the camera.  The GoPro Hero we used was fitted with a red filter to help us compensate for the loss of “ROY”.   “ROY” who???

As you will notice in the photographs and hopefully remember from our light energy lessons in science class… “ROY”, of ROY.G.BIV ,is often absent in our underwater photos. The deeper we were the less sunlight was able to penetrate the water to be reflected to our eyes and the camera lens.  Red is the weakest end of the visible light spectrum and thus the first color to be lost as we descended.  The red filter helped to add some red back in.  A flash on the camera would have been better.  The best photos of sea life I will share are at shallower depths (40-50 feet) where more of the full visible light rays were able to penetrate.

We don’t see Red… but many corals would look Red if we used a flash on the camera.  Scuba divers often carry a flashlight so they can see the true colors of all the sea life.

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