6/27~”Seasing” the Natural World!

Today I begin a blog series recapping my undersea adventures in Grand Cayman earlier in June. Grand Cayman is the largest of a three island archipelago in the Caribbean Sea.  Just a short 2.5 hour flight from Houston, it is one of the most beautiful places to scuba dive in the world. All of my diving on this trip was on the dramatic North Wall where the Cayman reef drops off to depths of over 3,000 feet. The sea life is diverse and plentiful. What makes this one of my favorite places to dive is that the visibility in the water is always 100 feet +.  That means that even when I am diving 100 feet below the surface I can still see the boat.  That is VERY clear water that provides a crystal view of all the awesome corals, sponges, fish, turtles and more.  Another HUGE plus for me as a recreational diver is that the water temperatures are a balmy 84 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.  You will see I still wear a 3mm thick full wet suit.

Did you know that astronauts train underwater?  I wonder why?

My maximum diving depth was 102 feet.  I was “down” for 44 minutes.
cayman map

3 thoughts on “6/27~”Seasing” the Natural World!

  1. I went to the Cayman Islands last year and it was amazing!! Right now I’m in Yellowstone and I have seen so many amazing things. My favorites were that I saw 6 bears and 5 wolves. I also saw a ton of other animals too!!

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