6/8/16 – A Baker’s Dozen of Baby Snakes

All of Cookie’s eggs have at last hatched and we have thirteen busy little snakes.   Two are amelanistic!  Hmmmm.. What percentage is that?  The featured photo above gives you a good look at Sherbet, the healthy Amel that hatched second. Zoom in on those beautiful red eyes.  Sadly the Amel that hatched first, Rainbow, has a spinal deformity that is called a “kink”.  From what I have researched, as long as she eats, makes waste and sheds properly then she can live a long normal life.  If you zoom in on the little Okeetee Corn’s eyes you will see they are getting cloudy.  Our corn snake handlers know what that means! IMG_1485Notice the babies are out of their incubation shoebox and exploring their new “nursery”.  I lined a 10 gallon aquarium with moist paper towels, added two shallow water dishes and added lots of places for them to hide.  The heat lamp is on one side.   I measured several of the babies and it seems that most are about 25cm long!  A good healthy size for newborn snakes.  The next big event that we are awaiting is for all 13 babies to shed.  After their first shed they will be ready for their first meal, a pinkie mouse.  I am hoping for Friday or Saturday for their first feeding!

7 thoughts on “6/8/16 – A Baker’s Dozen of Baby Snakes

    1. Good question Nate! The red and yellow colors will start to appear as they grow. We should see brighter colors after their first shed. I can’t wait to see what they will look like!!


  1. Does the albiono snake, Sherbert right?, have anything else that is not normal compared to other corn snakes. For example are the nerves, joints, or bones in slightly different places? Also will we be able to adopt them in 6th grade?

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    1. There are two red albinos or amels (short for amelanistic). Rainbow is the first one born, she has the spinal deformity. I don’t know if it is affecting anything else yet. She acts like the other babies for the most part but slithers in an awkward looking way and is a little smaller. The key to her survival will be if she eats ok. The other amel, Sherbet, is very big and healthy looking. Hopefully all 13 will be available to adopt after their second feeding… in 2-3 weeks 🙂


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