6/6/16 – More Hatchlings!

nicoleThis is LC5 alumni, Nicole.  You have all heard me refer to her as the “human snake momma”.  She bred her two Corn Snakes (Ray & Ruby) three years ago and Cookie and Brownie were her first offspring.  She of course had to come over yesterday afternoon to check out her next generation of baby Corns and have some play time with Brownie. She is now a sophomore at the Academy of Science and Technology at College Park.  I learned from Nicole that Cookie and Brownie had a 25% chance of producing an Amelanistic (red albino) offspring since Ruby was a an Amel.  Amelanistic is a double recessive trait so both Cookie and Brownie carry the dominant Okeetee trait and the recessive Amelanistic trait.

I know you want to know about “More Hatchlings”… there are more!  Many more!  AND… we have another Amel. I can’t count them all since they are hiding and I don’t want to disturb anyone. Two more eggs left to hatch.  One has a head peeking out.  Hopefully they will all be out of the eggs tomorrow and I can do a good count and post more pics.  Check out the video below.  In the comments share some questions with me and I’ll try to answer them tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “6/6/16 – More Hatchlings!

    1. Ha! There are two. You’ll have to arm wrestle me for one 😏. Sadly the first one that hatched has a deformity… A spinal kink. If she eats and makes waste she will be fine! Friday is first meal day…..


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