6/10/16 – Really BIG news!

So I woke up to two monumental events that occurred in the continuing story of Cookie and Brownie.

1) A 14th baby hatched today!  A Baker’s Dozen plus one now 🙂  A very healthy looking Okeetee. I didn’t realize there was one last egg until this morning when I went to clean out the incubator and found another little friend.  Why was I cleaning out the incubator…..?

2) Yup!  Cookie laid another clutch of very viable looking eggs back in the sherbet tub. Not sure how many are there yet.  I’m just going to let her rest today and put the eggs in the incubator tomorrow. Then time to fatten back up Cookie.  She looks really lethargic so I’m a little worried about her.

Stay tuned for more summer excitement!

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