6/5/16 – Hello Babies!

Four siblings are free of their eggs!  Bottom left are three little friends. Zoom in on the photo and check out the differences in their head patterns.  That’s how we can tell them apart. These I think they are all Okeetee colored due to the black border around their colors.   The HUGE NEWS is that we have a little red albino. These are much more rare!   In Corn snake lingo this is called an Amelanistic Corn snake (amel for short).  See the red eyes.  That is because they have no melanin, the pigment responsible for black or brown coloration. This is actually a color mutation that will make this little friend more valuable to those in the Corn snake breeding world.  If you look closely at Rainbow, the amel, you will see she is still attached to the yolk in her egg.  Also looking closely at the eggs you should see two more little noses.

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