6/4/16 … Happy Birthday!

FullSizeRenderI am speed reading what to expect when you are expecting CORN SNAKES!  Three of Cookie and Brownie’s eggs have little heads peeking in and out of them.  A fourth egg has a tiny slit on the top. Nobody has looked out yet.  According to Corn Snakes The Comprehensive Owner’s Guide by Kathy & Bill Love most of the babies should emerge from their eggs in the next 24-48 hours.  This peeking in and out is called “pipping”. They will do it until they are strong enough to leave the egg completely.   The hatchlings make the slit in the egg with something called an “egg tooth” on their snout that they will soon lose.  I have looked closely but don’t see that.  I wonder what it looks like?  Why didn’t I bring home a magnifying glass?!  Maybe these babies have lost theirs already.  I have one picture to share so far.  LOOK CLOSELY.   I’m afraid to open their incubator too much.  It is at 83°F after me being in there looking around.  I had it at a nice toasty 86°F.   Mr. Caldwell and I had big plans to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate the start of summer but NOT NOW!  Poor Mr. Caldwell… snakes in the laundry room and no night on the town.   I will try to capture some video footage.  And, “Yes Luke!”… the first two are Rainbow and Sherbet 🙂 What should I call three and four?  How many total eggs do you all think will hatch???  I’m sooo excited!!  IMG_1414


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