6/29~ More Baby Snakes Find Homes in LC5!

Zander adopted a really healthy sized (12″long) okeetee patterned baby snake yesterday.   He named it Skittles!  Look how bright the orange coloration is around its head.  I can’t wait to see the colors brighten after the next shed.

Skittles curled up on a log in his/her new habitat.  Home sweet Home.

And… Nick’s little brother, Noah, adopted a perfectly patterned okeetee baby.  He appropriately named his little snake, Chip.  Chip is living with Nick’s baby amelanistic (red albino) corn snake, Sherbet, in an awesome habitat.

Today I took the remaining three baby corn snakes to Pets-A-Plenty.  They will find good homes for them!  I decided to keep two…. for a little while anyway… Rainbow (albino with tail kink) and Mr. T (an okeetee with a perfect T on his head!).  The third one I am keeping is a beautiful okeetee for Mrs. Mclean in LC4.  She is coming to pick hers up in July.   OH… I forgot to report:  Mrs. McQueen in LC1 adopted a cute little okeetee on Monday that we will be able to visit when school starts!!  Did you miss the opportunity to have a baby corn snake???  Don’t worry… TEN healthy looking eggs are in the incubator 🙂  I wonder if we will have more red albinos?

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