“Open your log book.” “Don’t forget the date!”

How many times have you heard me say the words in the title of this blog post?   I just thought I’d share that I use a science log book too!  

I’m using my log book these days for scientific drawings of the corn snake babies.  I need to make sure I can tell which baby corn snake is which.  It is important that I know who’s who so that I can keep track of each baby’s health.  Who shed? Who ate? Who made waste?  Who didn’t?   I keep the log book by their habitat.  

This drawing is of a little Okeetee that I’m calling “Torch”.

Feel free to help me out! Send me your scientific drawings of the baby corn snakes as you observe my pictures and videos. Do you have any names you’d like to suggest? 

2 thoughts on ““Open your log book.” “Don’t forget the date!”

  1. If I’m honest…i rarely wrote the date,sorry… 😆. ALSO on your previous blog post on the first picture, I think the snake to the left should be named Diamond, I don’t no why it just kinda seems like a nice name for it. (The snake that looks like it has a Y on its head is the one I’m talking about) I think Torch is a good name!👍🏼 😀

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