Supermoon Monday!

Just want to make sure our LC5 scientists and their families enjoy what the natural world is serving up this weekend!   Starting tomorrow night you will not want to miss the opportunity to view Earth’s natural satellite.  I know some of you have some spectacular telescopes that should come in handy but the rest of us will be treated as well to a fantastic view of a supermoon as the weather forecast appears to be clear.  A supermoon is when the moon is both full and at perigee (an orbital position closest to Earth).  The official perigee point in time will be Monday morning at 6:52am right before moonset in the west.  If you are up early Monday morning for work or school look west for a special site.

This is a great explanation from NASA on the science behind the occurence we have the opportunity to enjoy :))     NASA Rocks Supermoon Explanation!

Maria…. we are counting on you!

Maria's Full Moon June 20, 2016

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