Fish 2 Fisherman 0

Day 2 of a 4 night deep sea fishing trip with my dad.  The fish are winning.  We have beautiful live bait (sardines and mackerel), an arsenal of rigged rods

and “the secret” weapon fish lure.

 We are on my dad’s friend’s boat, Genesis, nicknamed “the Fishing Machine”. Yet the fish elude us!

We are cruising along the Catalina ridge 26 miles off the coast of Southern California. Thank goodness it is breathtakingly beautiful.

We will be at sea.  No dock.  No foot on land. Not even at night, for 2 more nights.   We are after the infamous Blue Fin Tuna which are just moving in from Mexico’s warmer waters. These fish can reach 100++ pounds but the ones we seek are in the 40-70 lb range.   We have seen them churning on the Pacific surface like crazy chasing up gigantic bait balls but have yet to hook one up for dinner.  Last night we had chicken 😁

Still working hard and hoping for the freshest of sushi.

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