Countdown to July 4th, Juno and Jupiter!

NASA’s revolutionary space probe, Juno, is set to complete its epic five year journey to our solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter.  Juno will get closer to Jupiter than any spacecraft in history and will literally peak through the clouded atmosphere to discover what secrets are hidden below.  Check out the excellent videos links for more details and don’t miss the live NASA feed on July 4th when Juno goes into orbit around Jupiter.   Link to NASA TV

NASA Juno Video on YouTube

Bill Nye!! Video on Juno’s trip to Jupiter

NASA has a quirky history of adding something “interesting” to the probes it sends to space.  These special Legos representing the Roman God, Jupiter, his wife, Juno and the astronomer Galileo who discovered the Galilean moons with his telescope are riding aboard Juno!!


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