🎼 Good Morning Merry Sunshine…

… your light shines straight to me. When glass or ___?___ bend your line your colors I can see 🎼.  Hopefully some of you remember this song I shared with you when we were learning about refraction.  It was a song I sang to wake up my boys when they were little. The way the sun would shine through their window they would get a little rainbow on the wall.

Catching fish wasn’t the best, but fishing for fish at sea for days provided many magical moments enjoying the natural world.  We saw pods of hundreds of the Common Dolphin species and even a pod of about 7, rarer, Bottlenose Dolphin.  Check out the video!!  It’s about 1 1/2 minutes long but worth the watch for the jumper close to the end.

As for catching fish, we certainly didn’t ” Catch ’em all” but we did lure from the deep and then release a few Bonita and Calico Bass.  Only one fisherman, Mark, in our group of 3 boats prowling the sea ,came back to port with the big prize, an 80lb Yellow Fin Tuna.

Mark and his Tuna

Hard earned fresh sushi was enjoyed last night by all.

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